Fruit Infused Spirits

Welcome to Fruit Infused Spirits! This page is intended to be a reference point for anyone looking to make delicious alcoholic drinks with fruits and berries. It is possible to make many drinks from vodka, gin, rum and even brandy and develop the flavours into something truly exceptional. The fun part is the experimentation. Have a look through the recipes on this page to get some suggestions on which fruits work best with which spirits, and let your imagination take over. Infusing a spirit with a fruit flavour can be a great way to preserve the full flavours of the summer throughout the year and are a very popular drink at times of celebration such as Christmas time.

Gin and Vodka work really well as reciprocals for fruit flavours as they have a naturally subtle flavour that will take on and host a new flavour without overpowering the fruit. Stronger alcohols like rum and brandy will need a little more consideration as tot he best fruits and flavours to blend, but can work and generally will be better if a lighter variation of the alcohol is used. For the very powerful spirits like whisky there will generally only be a very slight addition of flavour if any, as the smoky strength of the whisky will over power the fruit flavour.

Feel free to read the blog about the author’s own experiments and experiences and if there is something not working or a recipe you would like to share let us know on the forum.

For more information have a look at other sites about making fruit wine, here you will find a comprehensive guide to which fruits are in season and how best to prepare them. Much of this information is applicable to adding fruit flavour to spirits also and should be tried and experimented with. There is a lot that fruit can do other than make deserts!